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It all started with a question from a major market player in travel accessories, back in 2011. Whether we could come up with a smart solution for selling suitcases and other travel accessories at airports. Innovend did not yet exist. Even so, Sander Sciarone and Frans Vermunt got to work together. In no time, there was a vending machine at the airport.


Since then, the most diverse requests have been flowing in every day. Today, our distributor network reaches across Europe and also ‘across the pond’. Our team has grown rapidly with IT developers and hardware developers. This ensures that we have all knowledge and system management in-house. And that is precisely what makes us so strong because it enables us to keep innovating our systems and develop new dynamic solutions together with our customers. In the field of hardware and software.


New worlds

Driven by the urge to constantly innovate, we are still discovering new worlds, for ourselves and our customers. Meanwhile, we operate in many different markets with our solutions. Here we apply all kinds of software functionalities, often even several in one solution. This is how we provide our customer base with dynamic and innovative solutions: distinctive both commercially and operationally.


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