Unmanned catering concepts, at any time of day.

Encourage healthy eating in the workplace. Chilled, unmanned and 24/7. Spread crowds at lunchtime by letting employees order their lunch in advance. That way they only need to collect meals at their convenience. With solutions ranging between 0-7 degrees, you keep every meal nice and fresh.

Want to buy a snack or daily fresh meal? You can. Through the dynamic touchscreen, users can easily and quickly view the range of products in the machine, add products to the shopping cart, and check out. You encourage a healthy snack or meal with different tools.

As for employees who bring meals from home, you can offer them a service too. Let them temporarily store their meal in a locker until the time of consumption. That way, these employees’ meals stay nice and fresh too.

Thus, Zuply offers plenty of options for your catering concept. And the great thing is that all these options can be combined. Our online management portal allows you to keep an overview and optimize your processes. Think of filling recommendations, Fifo and machine management. With API connections, Zuply solutions can easily be connected to your own ordering platform or cash register system.

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