We have had the Parcel Zuply Box in our range for several years now. It is frequently sold, but its multi-functionality is opening up more and more applications. This makes it interesting for new target groups: from facility managers of companies to landlords of student houses. And anyone who wants to increase their sales in addition to an extra service.

Innovend originally developed the Parcel Zuply Box as a parcel box that residents or employees were able to use for the delivery of parcels ordered online. At home or at work. The delivery driver places the order in a locker and the customer takes the parcel out at his or her convenience.


We combine this function with a growing number of services. The Parcel Zuply Box can be used multifunctionally. Parcels can still be delivered (or collected) in one unit, but, with a refrigeration system, it is also suitable for meals, snacks and drinks, for example. So you suddenly create promising sales opportunities for the operator or property owner. And the residents/employees always have enough stock on hand, in their flat or office. Ordering is no longer necessary. Nor is waiting. No trendy flash delivery service can beat that!

Dispensing household appliances

The Parcel Zuply Box is also a godsend for student flats. And not just for beer and other party-enhancing products. It is also very practical as a facility service: household appliances can be loaned via the Parcel Zuply Box. In a small student room, there is often no room for a hoover or ironing board. As a landlord, you can offer these and allow students to rent appliances like that on a one-off basis. This service is totally in line with the sharing economy and is bound to be much appreciated. It is up to the landlord to choose whether to offer it cost-effectively or in a slightly more commercial way.

Have your groceries delivered

If you choose to equip the Parcel Zuply Box, or a part of it,  with refrigeration, not only meals can be delivered, but also groceries. Users are no longer tied to the time slots of their favourite supermarket… They simply grab the groceries at the end of the day as soon as they get home.

Everything on one screen

A big advantage of the Parcel Zuply Box is that all functions can be controlled on one screen. Collect, loan, return, buy…. You control it all with the touchscreen. One with a QR code to collect something, the other by paying by debit card or mobile phone. The convenience factor strikes again. Via API links, the Zuply solutions can also be linked to your own database or portal. Would you like to know more about the many applications of the Parcel Zuply Box? Or do you have any idea of your own that you would like to test? Then make an appointment via info@zuply.eu.

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