Zuply supplies various dispensing and intake machines, which are fully modular in design.

  • Lockers and/or pusher machines. A combination of the two machines in one configuration is also possible.
  • Refrigerated and/or unrefrigerated. A combination of both types of machine in one configuration is also possible. Refrigerated solutions go down to 0 degree. We also provide freezing solutions.
  • Modular: lockers are modular in construction in terms of module and door size, based on your products and desired capacity;
  • Configurable: pusher machines include a product lift and are fully configurable based on your products, to enable efficient and functional dispensing. This allows us to dispense almost any product from these machines.

The modular structure allows you to start small and expand based on data generated and turnover achieved. In this way, you grow smartly. In doing so, we bring all the building blocks together for the most suitable solution.

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In our portal, you manage your Zuply machine remotely, such as the following:

  • Product photos, descriptions, prices.
  • Machine and screen layouts.
  • Promotions such as Combi deals, volume discounts, QR code discount vouchers.

But it also provides your with all kinds of reports such as the following:

  • Periodic transaction statements.
  • Best-selling products.
  • Turnover / volume sales reports.
  • The status of the machine and connected devices.

Because all machine logs are available through the portal, it is also used to make the correct diagnosis in case of any failure.

Master modules (GUI)

A master module controls all machines in the configuration and serves as a module on which a customer/employee or user performs operations:

  • Dynamic touchscreen (User Interface) in various sizes;
  • Product listings, also in product categories, for easy searching;
  • Detailed product information and product photos. This enables your customer to know exactly what is inside a product;
  • Pricing and marketing tools. Boost sales in various ways;
  • Add items to cart;
  • Multilingual setup.

A master module with User Interface touchscreen can be applied in several ways:

  • In the locker wall;
  • As a stand-alone order column;
  • Placed on machines;


Demo video from a customer: QNIPS

Connected to our API

Zuply offers many options for linking your existing database environment.

Examples include:

  • Online ordering in your web shop and having it collected from your locker.
  • Reserving your products remotely and picking them up later.
  • Product synchronization.
  • Synchronizing transactions.
  • Dispensing a product with no touch of the screen.

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