As of 9 January 2023, Big Brother has captivated Dutch viewers once again. Fans can watch the adventures of complete strangers who live in a house together, and are monitored by cameras 24/7, on RTL 5 and Videoland. A new element in this year’s Big Brother house is The Wall: this Zuply LockBlox by Innovend plays an important secondary role in the programme.

Buying ‘perks’

Participants are tested in various games and challenges. They can use the Big Brother Coins they earn to shop in The Wall. The residents of the Big Brother house can therefore buy perks such as coffee beans or a tasty snack, but also game elements that could be important for their participation.

“The LockBlox plays a very important role in the programme,” explains Lot Vrieling. “It complements the needs of the residents and is therefore very popular.” Vrieling is a junior producer at Endemol Shine. Her responsibilities at Big Brother include stocking The Wall and arranging other necessities for the house and its residents.

Means of payment

When the programme makers envisaged The Wall for the new edition of Big Brother, they started looking for a vending machine. Because they had some special requirements, TV producer in charge Guus Verstraete Jr. got in touch with Innovend.

“That revolved mainly around being able to use the Big Brother tokens as a means of payment,” explains account manager Aart Maris. “We can make specific customer solutions because we have all the production knowledge under one roof, also when it comes to payment software.”


But Innovend responded to the Big Brother team’s wishes in even more ways, Vrieling says: “We wanted different-sized lockers, and we needed to be able to customise the contents ourselves. It was also important that we could customise the design of the home screen on the front.”

The Wall fulfils its part in the programme brilliantly. The LockBlox works as intended. “It was a bit of a search at times to find out exactly how things work, but together with Innovend’s support team, we figured it out.”


Made possible by Hanot Vending.

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