Receiving parcels, serving drinks and meals but also lending and collecting tools and equipment… Zuply’s multifunctional locker unit offers all these options – and more. Manufacturer Innovend is putting the distinctive solution in the spotlight this week during the facility management fair called ‘Facilitair & Gebouwbeheer’ in Jaarbeurs Utrecht.

The Parcel Zuply locker is a parcel locker, lending locker, sales locker and return locker all in one. For registered users and/or residents, it is supplied complete with automated administrative processing and payment. This makes it a godsend for property owners and managers, housing corporations and facility service providers, among others. What is even more interesting is that on balance, it does not cost any money, but saves money. A visit to the Innovend stand at the fair is therefore highly recommended.

Locker unit with multiple faces

‘People often think too narrowly, of only one application’, Sander Sciarone noticed in conversations with managers, landlords and facility managers. He is managing director of Innovend, the Dutch company that designs and manufactures Zuply locker units in-house. ‘A parcel locker where tenants can have parcels delivered, a vending machine and a locker from which products can be taken out. We offer a multifunctional alternative. Our locker unit has multiple faces and can be put together completely as desired.

In this way, one locker unit can fulfil multiple functions: for receiving parcels, dispensing and taking in products, lending out tools and household appliances, for example… A practical application of the sharing economy: handy and within reach when the target group needs them. But without extra work or fuss for the provider.

The possibilities are unlimited and the size of the lockers is variable. ‘Moreover, they can be both unrefrigerated and refrigerated,’ Sander adds. ‘And a combination is possible too.’

Less work, yet more service and sales

Their versatility makes Zuply locker units suitable in many places and for many purposes. Sander gives an example: ‘The caretaker of an apartment building with a hundred student flats wants a parcel box in which delivery services can deposit orders by name, so that the caretaker is no longer tasked with taking delivery. However, that box costs money. That could possibly be factored into the service charge. But now suppose you can use that same box to dispense drinks and meals. Then suddenly that box no longer costs money, it actually makes money and you offer yet another extra service to the residents.’

But it does not stop there. The box  can also be used to lend out tools and household appliances, which residents do not need to buy themselves, such as a hoover, iron or drill. ‘Using their bank card, students can rent these for a small amount each time. With the accompanying software, you can register and process everything via the touchscreen. In this way, the tenants only pay when they use it.’

Vakbeurs Facilitair & Gebouwbeheer will take place in Jaarbeurs Utrecht on 8, 9 and 10 June. You are welcome to visit Innovend’s stand: 11.1.18. Sander Sciarone and his colleagues will be happy to demonstrate the Zuply locker units and tell you how they can be used profitably. You may also send an email for an appointment:

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