LockBlox IQ Breeze

LockBlox iQ Breeze

  • Chilled. Between 0-4 degrees at ambient temperature of 25 degrees;
  • Double-glazed doors;
  • LED-controlled;
  • Efficiently chilled (Av. 95 Watt per hour);
  • Modular in structure in terms of compartments and modules;

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FlexTop2 master modules are specially designed for vending machines.

  • Front kit with 22″ touchscreen, installable on various brands of vending machines.
  • It can control up to 5 Flex machines. Other brands of vending machines can also be controlled using this master module. (Ask for the options!)
  • A pusher machine combined with lockers, controlled from FlexTop2, is possible;
  • Various payment or verification systems can be integrated;

A FlexTop2 also has a management environment:

  • Dashboard: read out machine status
  • View and update stock levels for each product;
  • Order statements

This allows an operator to make adjustments easily and quickly at the machine.

LockBlox Smart / Breeze Series

Chilled & Ambient Unmanned solutions

  • Up to 11 different door sizes, completely modular concept
  • Scale option for high capacity
  • Combine your LockBlox with Flex pushermachines for higher capacity

LockBlox series are used for different unmanned intake or dispense solutions:

  • Food or Farmers
  • IT Vending
  • Retail

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SF Controller series

Unmanned public Vending

  • Pre- autorisation with your bank account (no RFID)
  • Dispense based on weight with scales
  • Modular concept
  • Full edgess glass
  • High capacity
  • Refigerated & Unrefigerated

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