As a software and product developer, Wim Vermunt is responsible for the beating heart and circulation of the vending machines: the dashboard and the software. He knows the products and Innovend inside out.

Since when have you been working at Innovend?

‘Since its founding in 2014.’

Then you know the company well…

‘Yes, I have witnessed all the developments since then, so I also know the products and the customers very well.’

And you’ve made a big contribution to that yourself…

‘Together with the development team, I build our own software for integration with the hardware, such as payment systems. But I also deal with customer projects. New solutions for existing functionalities, for example, or completely new products. If a special question arises, I sit down with Sander and Frans (the owners of Innovend) and we devise a solution for that specific customer.

I also support customers if they want to integrate their own software with our APIs and I am involved when we install vending machines: explaining how the system works and training their staff, for example. Initially I was often present on site myself, but now that is hardly ever necessary. We can do a lot remotely. But in the case of  larger projects, I sometimes join the mechanics.’

Then you see quite a bit of the world. Where have you been, for example?

‘All over Europe. And even in Qatar. That was for a Shell factory where a vending machine of ours was installed.’

Do you enjoy the work?

‘Yes, definitely. Contentwise, but also because we work well together as a team. Everyone is enthusiastic and always willing to go the extra mile when necessary. Since we are busy and growing considerably, that happens quite often, haha. We do a lot for each other, and for customers. We will do anything to make a project succeed.

The work is varied and dynamic. Every project is different.  The great thing is that you get the chance to specialize if you find any part interesting.’

Is it an advantage that Innovend owns the software itself?

‘Indeed. That allows us to make a difference. They can also make a metal box with compartments in China, and for less money. Our APIs allow customers – large and small – to link their software. So that their customer cards work on the vending machines, for example, but also that they can easily place orders and that these are processed in their stock system.’

What are you most proud of so far?

‘That we have made the transition  from different software packages to one solution that can be used for all types of machines, screens and applications. That standardization works much more easily for ourselves and the customers.

Another milestone was the dashboard, which gave customers much more insight into the state of their machine. Very clear and easy to use. That was kind of my baby.’

Name: Wim Vermunt

Year of birth: 1985

Residence: Standdaarbuiten (gemeente Moerdijk)

Hobbies: tennis, voetbal (kijken), F1, motorcycling, cooking

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